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Dating Upside Down - Post - Val Day Guide - Cat_Umbrella_raining hearts

12-Step Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles

It’ll Be Over Soon. Single people, it’s our day of reckoning. When the mirror of love, or lack there of, is forced in front of us for 24 whole hours. Our challenge is justified. The struggle is real. We’ve been here before and let’s face it, we’re probably going to be here again, so let’s just…

Dating Upside Down - Post - VDay Wrap Up - Feature Image - Retail Window flower hearts and balls

V Day Wrap Up

Flowers, Friends and Fashion Faux Pas. The guy on Bumble I’d solicited for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day drink declined my offer. No one else I’d been chatting to online peaked my interest enough to seek their company on such an auspicious day. So an evening with friends it was! The ‘day of love’ itself was…

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Dating Upside Down - Post - Valentine's Day - Header Image - Heart of Petals

Yay! It’s Valentine’s Day

I Love U2. My timing is terrible. When I’ve been in relationships or in the first flourishes of lust, it very rarely seems to be over Valentine’s Day. This year is no different. Yay me. And like I say every year – “Next year I’ll definitely be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.”  (Let’s just see how…

Dating Upside Down - Post - Don't Mess With My Eggs - Feature Image - Two eggs with male_female face drawn on each

Don’t Mess with My Eggs

Brunch Trumps Love. Date Statistics: Dating App: Plenty of Fish (POF) Location: Café, Melbourne, Australia Day/Time: Saturday, 11am Not his real name: Roger WARNING: Bad language. (All completely justified).  “How does brunch sound?” This along with ‘What drink would you like?” are my two favourite questions to be asked. I love brunch, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch (clearly)…

Dating Upside Down - Post - Things I Learned in 2016 - Feature Image - Apple with a heart shaped bite

Things I Learned in 2016

Lessons in Love. Well 2016 definitely wasn’t all roses, but as long as you come away with learnings right? Here are some of my lessons in love for 2016: Men 1. Since I turned the big 4 Oh, I adjusted the age settings across my dating apps. Previously I maxed out at 42, I’ve now opened up…

Dating Upside Down - Post - Hack Live Swipe Right - Featured Image - Title & Tom Tilley on Smartphone

Hack Live – ‘Swipe Right’

My Response . Well done to Tripe J, Tom Tilley and the Hack team for taking a deep-dive into the world of online dating with their show ‘Swipe Right’. I definitely learned a few things, for instance I didn’t realise that ghosting (the act of not turning up to a date without letting the person…

Dating Upside Down - Post - Who Are You - Fake Dating Profile Pictures

It’s Like I Don’t Even Know You

When fake dating profile pictures rear their ugly head. Date Statistics: Dating App: Tinder Location: Bar, Melbourne, Australia Day/Time: Wednesday, early evening Not His Real Name: Joe At the time of matching on Tinder, I sent a message to Joe, “hi how are you doing?” A few weeks later he responded apologising profusely, saying he’d missed my…

Dating Upside Down - Post - Perfect Stranger - Sliding Doors

A Perfect Day With A Perfect Stranger

When Sliding Doors Go Right. Date Statistics: Dating App: None! No technology used. Completely Analogue/ Organic  Location: Cafe, Melbourne, Australia Day/Time: Saturday, morning Not His Real Name: Dan  I’d been a bad girl. My mum’s birthday was the next day and I hadn’t booked anywhere to have a celebratory brunch! Father’s Day was also to fall on her big…

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