Yay, It’s Valentines Day…Again

When I’ve been in relationships or in the first flourishes of lust, it very rarely seems to be over Valentine’s Day.
This year is no different. Yay me.

It’s Like I Don’t Even Know You

If you’re going to the effort of putting together an online dating profile, include more than one image and make sure they’re all clear, and of you.

A Perfect Day With A Perfect Stranger

Shortly after my long black arrived and whilst I was contemplating the direction of my life (seriously I was),  I heard someone say,
“Would you mind if I sit here?”

Ep 10: Been On Any Dates?

“Been on any Dates?”

“Why yes I have, I’m so glad you asked! Let me tell you all about them.”

Ep 9: The Limbo Years

Female? 37- 44? Single? No kids? Welcome to the Limbo Years! Where no one knows quite what to do with you and a new kind of judgement begins.

Ep 8: Would I Lie To You?

Over 80% of people lie on their dating profiles! Why? In Ep 8, ‘Would I Lie to You’, I chat with my guest Mark who offers some insight as to why he lies on his dating profiles, we explore if it’s ever ok to lie and I reveal some of my own embellishments.

Head to the blog for more on this episode.

Ep 7: Perfect Strangers

A sliding door moment that resulted in a 12-hour date and one of the best days ever. No apps! In this episode I explore the events that unfolded and talk to ‘the stranger’, for his perspective.

Ep 6: Dating Slam

There’s only so many bad dates, swiping and rejections one can handle before exhaustion sets in. And the cycle starts again. Articulating what the search for love can really be like without sounding cliched is a challenge. In this episode I’ve chosen to share a recent moment of creative flow that spilled onto the page. it rhymes like a poem but reads like something more raw, like you might hear at a poetry slam (?!). I hope it connects and expresses how you or someone you know might be feeling whilst on the journey for love.

Ep 5: Is Mum Pimping Me Out on Social Media?

Is dating that tough today that my mum has to pimp me out on social media? Mother Tinderland and I talk about what dating was like for her and in her parents generation, Before Mobile (B.M.) and Before the Internet (B.I.). She also tells me what she REALLY thinks about me being 41 and single . Good Times!

Ep 4: Single, Pregnant and Dating

In the commodified world of online dating, finding a decent guy to swipe right on is hard enough let alone a partner to have kids with. No wonder then so many women of a certain age are turning to IVF as a solution. But if you’re a single woman looking for love, should a little thing like being pregnant stand in the way of dating? My guest Bec reveals why she chose to have a bub on her own, talks skyrocketing sex drive and some of the best sex she’s ever had. We also bond over men we’ve encountered with some very strange pregnancy fetishes.