Who is Alison Tinderland?

It’s all me, really! A pretty awesome, smart, funny, attractive (and modest) woman, writing stealth-like as Ms Tinderland. It allows me to date like a demon, reveal the details and still be in contention for a long term relationship.

I’ve always loved the mind bending story of Alice in Wonderland. The parallels of the alternate universe that author Lewis Carroll throws her into, mirror the wacky, upside down world of online dating. It’s quite true that ‘we’re all mad here!’ 

In the real world, I’m a professional with a good heart and a great head on my shoulders. A loving, caring, open and communicative person that any man would be lucky to have and yet I just haven’t cracked ‘the one’.

No, I’m not perfect, I have ‘stuff’, though no more than the next person’s ‘stuff’. We’re all pretty ‘stuff’ed really (Yes, I’m partial to a pun.. maybe that’s why I’m still single.)

Anyway, no doubt I’ve described thousands of wonderful, eligible, single women, who are similarly at a loss as to why they have’t found ‘their person’ yet. At times I can logically explain the reasons from a societal point of view i.e. technology, long working hours, personal issues, expectations etc. Other times, I.Just.Don’t.Get.It

What I do know is that over 20 years of doing anything makes someone pretty much an expert, even dating! 

In navigating through the analogue and online dating landscape I’ve gained insight, learned many lessons and developed premature greying, ‘on the job training’ if you like.

So whilst I write under the alias ‘Alison Tinderland’, the stories are true.

Come and join me down the rabbit hole! Fun guaranteed. Love TBC.

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